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We live very close to a fire station and noticed they were doing a “boot drive” this weekend to raise money for an area Muscular Dystrophy Association camp. It costs $800 to send a child with MDA to this camp and the proceeds from this weekend’s events benefit the campers directly. We were more than happy to donate and in return, my boys had a very memorable morning.

Brady is obsessed with cars, trucks and especially fire trucks, so naturally, Derek is as well. They have many fire trucks and every time he hears sirens, he runs to the sliding glass doors and wants to be lifted as high as possible so he can peer over the fence line towards the street beyond our home. He was beyond ecstatic this morning as we pulled into the fire station lot and he got a glimpse of the older fire engine and then he went haywire when he was allowed to step into a real fire truck. It was so fun to watch him and just see how incredibly excited he was. Derek wasn’t that into it, but he was a willing participant for some of the photos.

I normally tuck my little camera into my bag when I’m out and about with my boys, but since the P&S has been out of commission thanks to my little photographer-wannabe (aka Brady), I’m lucky I had my DSLR with me to capture these memories. I always have a camera on hand–whether it be DSLR, a P&S, or a camera phone. Memories captured are better than none at all.

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Rochelle - I think you and your family are making great impressions both physcially & photogetically too! Glad to see your putting your dreams, talents & abilities to use for the greater good of people! Your boys are adorable too! Were expecting a boy in October! 1st boy, & he’ll be mixed too! im filipina/white & hubbys is white/mexican! Awsome huh? Well thanks for sharing! keep up the pics! they bring hope & smiles to me & others too!

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