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Reno Photographer | Fun Friday { Personal }

As I begin my day, I thought I would share something fun with my readers. If any of you really know me, you’ll know that I’m a foodie. HUGE foodie. Well, today is day 23 of a 30 day wellness cleanse. I forced myself to begin this journey for a few reasons:

1. One of my goals before my big birthday last year was to eat clean for 30 days. Well, I’m finally almost ready to cross this off my list.

2. I started my Beach Body Insanity workout a few weeks ago and it was pathetic how exhausted it left me. It would be the third time I’ve done this program, but it wore me out so badly, I decided I couldn’t just eat and eat and eat anymore. I needed to find a good balance between eating well and not working out as hard (because physically and mentally, I’m not able to work out as hard as I could even a few years ago).

3. I started to feel awful as a mother that my boys can recognize names and brands of junk food more so than name off all the fruits and vegetables when we’re at the store. I felt it my obligation and responsibility to do right by my children and for my family’s well-being to make this change.

A friend of mine started her cleanse earlier this year and shared her story with me along the way. I followed her journey and when I attempted my Insanity workout, I just knew it was my time to make some changes, so I signed up for the 30 Days to Wellness program and started on Thursday, April 5.

The program is somewhat based off the Paleo System. Each day, I have a protein shake for breakfast. It is chock full of vegetables and I add as much kale and zucchini as I can to it since I can’t taste it and it’s a great way for me to get the veggies in my system. The protein shake mix and fiber boost are from Arbonne’s line of wellness products and the rest of the items are as whole and organic as I can find. For lunch and dinner, I have lean protein, a huge salad/veggies and good carbs (brown rice or quinoa). In between meals, I drink water or organic green tea. Everything I’m putting into my body is whole, clean and organic.

I must tell you that I am surprised it is day 23 and that this journey has been relatively easy. Sure, I had to give up my 2 – 3 cups of Starbucks each day and I have to plan my meals spend prep time chopping veggies and making sure I have what I need for the shakes and meals, but you know what? We aren’t running out and grabbing fast food, restaurant meals, easy fixes at the store quite like we were doing before which means we’re saving money and saving our health. My boys can name off more veggies now and they love helping me as I chop everything up each week. It made my heart soar to see my oldest eating cabbage, red kidney beans, salmon and halibut and asking for more. (I’m still working on my youngest, but he’s got my stubbornness, so it’ll take some persuasion still).

I’m down several pounds (numbers I haven’t seen in a LONG time), my body feels great and my mind feels at ease knowing I’m doing the right thing for my family. Health is so important when I’m balancing family and business and I’m so excited to have the tools I need to keep wellness at the forefront. I will tell you this now, so you don’t think I’m cheating, but tomorrow is my 5-year anniversary and hubby has the entire weekend off and has something planned for the family and then just us, so I will indulge a bit tomorrow. However, I think it’s deserving and I know how not to let food win anymore. Pretty fantastic on this Friday, wouldn’t you say?

And, because you know I enjoy photographing all moments of life, here is a collage of some of the food moments of the past 23 days. Happy Friday and happy wellness to all of you!


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Rachel Brenke - nice and timely for me – about to have baby! need to get the weight off! congrats!

Macey Snelson - Great job! I’ve been working on eating more healthy myself, and it definitely makes a HUGE difference on my energy and attitude. Keep up the great work!

Kate - Kudos to you! I don’t think I could do this! 🙂

JonceeMay - 23 days…wahooo!!!!! Almost done! 😉 I really need to get up off of my butt and do this too!!! I just wish I could find someone to tell me exactly what to eat and when.

Melissa Jean - What a great job! 23 days is definitely something to be proud of! I’ve been trying to incorporate more healthy eating into my life style, but I really just need step by step instructions of what meals to eat

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