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Newborn Photographer Reno | How to Miss a Childhood

A happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mothers who follow my blog! I’m sure some of you have seen this article by now. If you haven’t please feel free to read Rachel’s recent article on “How to Miss a Childhood” and be prepared for a virtual blow to your gut.

I read this article and it made me really sick to think about how children and their relationships with their parents and others are being affected by technology. Here I was thinking how “incredible” it was that my oldest has been expertly navigating a Blackberry and then an iPhone from about 15 months of age. This never should have been a surprise to me, considering my attachment to gadgets, devices and the like. It made me really sad to think about this actually. This is not an “accomplishment”. It’s a sign and a sad one.

I used to think I was pretty good with setting the boundaries with no cell phones at the dinner table, while we’re dining out, while at the park with my boys, but there are so many other opportunities when they are not receiving my 1000% undivided attention. I used to shudder and throw dirty looks at parents out having dinner with their children, but there they were, both parents on their phones and yep, you guessed it, on Facebook. Agh!

I am so guilty of perusing my phone at all hours of the day and night and while “spending time with my children”. I’m great at multitasking, so no problem right? Oh, so wrong. What does that say to my boys? That they aren’t worth my everything? I was so moved by Rachel’s article that I’ve committed to a new way of interacting and spending my time with my boys sans iPhone. The phone does not need to follow me, or stay by my side at every second. If it’s a matter of life or death, the insistent rings/texts will tell me so. In the past several weeks, I actually turned off all notifications on my phone except for phone calls/text messages and what a relief that has been! No longer am I grabbing my phone for every email ding, Twitter mention, Facebook tag, Instagram comment, Pinterest comment, airfare special, etc. How often must I really check my various social media streams? Is it that much more important than the day to day development of my boys? Not in the least.

I hope her article hit home for many. It’s so easy to lose sight of what really matters. I will never get these days or moments back, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Have you read Rachel’s article? What did you think of it? I do hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, even though I know everyday is Mother’s Day truly. I was ecstatic about my first big craft projects from my boys! For this sentimental mama, nothing beats these fingerprints, hand prints and TLC that went into creating these treasures. I get a bit misty-eyed just looking at these and knowing I’ll hang onto these for many, many years (and show them off to any girls they bring home when that day comes).

Reno Photographer on How to Miss a Childhood

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Megan - What a great reminder! Technology is really taking over the value of true relationship today. Thanks for the post!

Shayna Hardy - Great reminder! THank you for sharing!!!

Macey Snelson - Good reminder! I’m not a mom yet, but I know I miss out on situations because I’m busy “communicating” with others.

Joncee May - It is so hard when you are a work from home mom to turn off your work and be a mom. Thanks for the reminder about what is truly important in life.

Tara Colburn - Great reminder. I was like you, I used to think I was doing well with keeping phones from the dinner table and when going to the park, etc. I’m going to take after you and turn my notifications off as well!

Anita Allen - Well said. Thanks for the reminder.

Donna Beck - Oh wow, you nailed it. Very well said and thank you for the reminder. I will be shutting my door to my studio when my kids get home tonight and spend some more quality time with them…and every night.

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