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Welcome to Mommy Monday, a spot for me to share with you some of my moments related to motherhood and parenting. Please note, the information provided in these posts is not to replace the sound and professional advice from your health care provider, child’s pediatrician, certified doula or your own maternal instinct.

I’ve really enjoyed my long weekend with my family, especially considering for the past two weeks the boys have been cooped up at home. We’ve run errands like normal, enjoyed a birthday party, a BBQ and now we are enjoying one last day as we gear up for the week. We are so relieved we are finally over the awful coxsackie virus, also more commonly referred to as “hand, mouth, foot disease”.

For TWO whole weeks, we couldn’t take the boys anywhere for fear they would infect the rest of the child population here. My youngest suffered it first and inevitably gave it to his brother. We had to wait for scabbing to take place as that’s the only way they were allowed re-entry into society. It’s almost like chicken pox! My youngest had awful blisters on his hands, feet and elbow, but my oldest had an uncomfortable amount of blisters in his mouth. It was certainly one of those times as a mother that I wished I could suffer in place of my children instead.

I really really started to feel for my boys this past week. My oldest asked each morning if he could go to school. I had to explain to him again and again that as long as those “bumps” were still on his hands, we had to stay home. By the third morning, as he approached me to ask, he looked at his hands and said, “nope, still bumpy”. How awful! By this time, we were going stir crazy in the evenings. I actually packed up our dinner and we had a picnic in our car by one of the main bus depots one evening. It was as close as we could get to the rest of civilization and it was pure joy for the boys to see all those buses arriving and departing.

Luckily, my boys were in seemingly great spirits despite how uncomfortable they were. If your little ones ever go through this, just keep them as comfortable as you can as there’s nothing else that can be done. The virus just needs to run its course. Some will tell you when the fever is gone, your child is no longer contagious, but according to the Washoe County Health Department, the blisters must be scabbed over before your child is no longer considered contagious. This can take anywhere from 5 – 10 days and certain strains of this virus are contagious to adults. Proper hand washing is always a great way to help keep these sort of viral diseases at bay of course!

Here are a few phone snapshots of my boys, so you know what to be on the lookout for if your child ever goes through the same ordeal. Just know that the blisters and bumps look quite horrible, but it didn’t keep my boys down as you can see with the last snapshot here. And, not to worry, your very responsible newborn photographer was not around any other children/newborns during this time. All sessions were rescheduled so I could be sure I was not a risk to any little ones here in Reno. This of course makes June a very busy and booked month, so if you’re still looking at dates, I have some availability left for July and August. Just give me a call at 775.233.8382 or email me at to make arrangements!

Newborn Photographer Reno on Motherhood
Newborn Photographer Reno on Motherhood
Newborn Photographer Reno on Motherhood

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Huong - It sure is, Chris. Parenthood!

Huong - LOL! I guess it starts really young and never ends. 🙂

Huong - Thanks, Rachel! I look forward to sharing more mommy moments with my mommy clients.

Rachel Brenke - Mommy monday is a GREAT idea!

Audrey C - Aw poor little guys. Love the photo of their pajama bottom legs sprawled on the floor. My husband is 23 and he still sprawls like that on the floor when he’s not feeling good! 🙂

Chris Noakes - It’s the hardest thing for any parent, to watch our kids go through something like this and not just to be able to make it all better. I always hated when my kids got sick for this reason…

Sylvia - Oh your poor boys!! So sorry they had to go thru this. I can imaging being cooped up for that long. Glad things are turning around!

Liz Gramm - Aww poor guys. My oldest had the same many years ago. Glad to see they are finally feeling better.

Shayna Hardy - I just found out yesterday that my littlest one has hand, foot, mouth – seemingly a mild form of it but it is so sad to see him feel yucky! Glad yours are on the mend, just praying my oldest doesn’t get it!! Thank you for sharing!

Macey Snelson - Oh man, NO FUN! So glad they are feeling better and welcomed back to society now!

Karilyn - Wow I’ve heard of this but never knew anyone that went through it. That’s tough that they had to stay home so long, but at least they had each other!

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