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Photographer Reno | 30 Days Come and Gone { Personal }

A couple of weeks ago, I shared my story on my “30 Days to Feeling Fit” program and how close I was to completing the program. Well, I sit here before you (from behind my computer screen of course) to share with you the conclusion of my 30 days of eating whole, clean and as natural as possible.

If you’ll recall, I started this journey to eating better because working out as hard as I used to is about near impossible nowadays. I decided I needed to make dietary changes not just for myself, but for my family and our long term health. I’m so happy I decided to do this and I know that it was the right decision. I lost a total of eight pounds, lost 2″ from around my belly button area (measured at the belly button line) and lost another 2″ below my belly button area. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to be able to report these numbers. I only did this journey to see if I could eat healthier and along the way, my body found its way back to a healthier place.

I learned several things during this journey: 1. I can eat healthy and make incredible salads at home. 2. I can eat healthy and not feel starved/deprived. 3. I can survive without eating sweets every day. 4. I don’t have to have a bite or a handful of everything my children snack on 5. I can go without Starbucks for 30 days. 6. Wow, I saved a lot of money as a result of not having Starbucks for 30 days! 7. I am “skinny fat”.

It’s been amazing to have gone through this process. As a busy mother, wife, career woman and boutique business owner and photographer, I am always on the go with my boys, or with clients in some capacity or another. I decided if I’m able to complete this challenge and change how I eat, then anyone can, especially considering the foodie I am (was?). No excuses whatsoever. I feel so much stronger for having the tools I need to be healthier for life.

I currently still have a powerful protein shake for breakfast each morning, drink tons of water and tea, have a sensible lunch (usually packed from leftover dinner) and a sensible dinner. I actually want to eat vegetables now and actually find myself craving for veggies. I can’t believe that at all! I am also able to indulge when I want to, but you better believe that if I’m going to steer from eating healthy, then it’s going to be for some really, really great food and not just a bag of chips. I’d rather have a scrumptious meal from one of my favorite restaurants instead of fast food and I’d most definitely rather have a delectable dessert than a piece of candy. It’s all about balance now and I’m so excited to have found it.

I think something that excites me more about discovering these tools, is to be able to share with the world (as I’m doing right now) about my progress. Now when I hear people tell me about their struggles with working out, losing weight, etc., I tell them about my story. I’ve gotten a few scoffs as no one seems to think I had weight to lose, but there truly is such a thing as “skinny fat” and I really was just that. Of course, everyone is entitled to think what they want to think, but if I can share these tools with just one other person and they find their way to becoming healthier, then that makes me happy. I’m not just your Reno Photographer anymore–I’m your Reno Health Advocate! Okay, that might be a bit extreme, but I do enjoy sharing my journey with others. Have you ever tried 30 days of eating clean? Did you make it all the way through?

Reno Photographer Getting Fit

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Ally Davis - Great work! It takes so much will power to do this, I am very impressed!!

Macey Snelson - Good for you!!! Eating healthy provides such an overall better outlook on life, doesn’t it?! I’m really curious as to what your typical day/week looks like for food. I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate healthy/clean eating and would love your tips!

Karilyn - Way to go! Good for you. That reminds me, I need to work out today:-)

Deborah Chetwood - LOL … love that you are skinny fat. Rolling my eyes over here … you are far from that.

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