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It’s been a little over two months since moving into our dream home and we’re still unpacking boxes here and there. The walls are still white (as you’ll see below), but I’m ready to get some of my family’s portraits on the walls instead of waiting for paint to happen first. As I laid out the various items for myself (and items for a client’s order), I decided to document the photograph you see below to give my clients a visual size comparison.

I hope this helps you see why gift prints (wallets, 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 sizes) aren’t truly meant to “hang” on your walls because even an 8×10 is tiny in the grand scheme of it all! And yes, I’d be more than happy to sit down with you if you’d like to order a larger print/canvas from a previous session and yes, you can book your session and I’ll consult with you personally to make sure the artwork you choose for your home will be suitable for your home. Just give me a call at 775.233.8382 or email huong { at } designbyhuong { dot } com to discuss your family’s photography needs!

Who is Huong Forrest?

Reno Newborn Photographer

Huong Forrest Photography is the passion, vision and dream of one Reno newborn photographer, Huong Forrest. I specialize in newborn photography and have a great passion for capturing Reno's tiniest new residents. I also adore capturing the innocence of babies and children, the love and passion of a newlywed couple and their wedding and I greatly enjoy revealing the beauty, confidence and fierceness of your everyday woman.

When I'm not with my clients, you will find me running around with my two adorable sons, helping people improve their health and wellness with It Works! Global, giving back where I can in several photography forums and blogging about business, photography and motherhood.

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Tamara Curry - Having them laid next to your front door really gives context to the size. I think I need something like that 20×20.

Liz - Great idea. Clients are always so confused to sizes, seeing them in person does help.

Macey Snelson - Love the 30×40 print size. Even it by itself can appear small on a wall, but hung with the right furniture under it can look AMAZING! Great post!

Melissa Jean - Such a great visual! I remember ordering my first 11×14 and when it arrived being shocked at how TINY it was!

Dawniele Castellanos - Those family photos are ADORABLE.

Joncee May - This is a great way to showcase large prints. I love the 20×20 🙂

Nikon Baby - Good for your clients 🙂

Happy shooting my friend !

Nikon Baby - hi friend….i followed you on pinterest. Don’t forget to follow me back @

Thank you !

Megan - This is great!! I think it’s so hard to envision size comparison for clients at times…I’m sure your clients will very much appreciate this visual!

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