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Welcome to Mommy Monday, a spot for me to share with you some of my moments related to motherhood and parenting. Please note, the information provided in these posts is not to replace the sound and professional advice from your health care provider, child’s pediatrician, certified doula or your own maternal instinct.

I sometimes feel like a very guilty mommy. Why? Well, for many reasons, but one of the ones that struck me most very recently happens to be how little one-on-one time my youngest has received. My boys are only 15 months apart. While it is one of the most beautiful blessings because they do love each other so much and play together really well, it hurts me at times to know my oldest had 15 months all to himself and my youngest has yet to have any real time with just he and I.

This past Friday, I was summoned by the daycare as my youngest was sick (yet again) and had too high of a fever to be allowed to stay in school. Concerned, I made him a doctor’s appointment. I decided to leave my oldest in daycare for the rest of the afternoon so I could get the little guy to the doctor and just tend to him. As we were leaving the day care, my youngest muttered what I know to be “brother?” and I told him his brother would be at school for a little while longer. It turns out he has an ear infection (yes, another one, poor guy). Aside from the doctor’s appointment, the news of another ear infection and waiting for his prescription to be filled, I was amazed at the “talking” he did while we were in the car. It made me feel so guilty. His brother chatters so much the little guy never stands a chance! We “talked” back and forth about every truck that passed, the construction trucks we saw and anything else he pointed out.

When we got home, he and I curled up on the couch. He nestled right into me. I really thought he would go in search of his brother, or ask for him, but he didn’t. My baby snuggled right up against me and was so happy to lay there and watch his favorite episode of Blues Clues and Peppa Pig. It was during these moments this past weekend that I decided I will have a “date day” with each of my boys regularly. I want to give each of them the opportunity to act independently of each other and to not feel as though one is outdoing the other. As your Reno newborn photographer, I can now add this nugget of wisdom to the “advice” I’d give to new moms. It is just too important to let pass.

Here are a few Instagrams from our weekend. The boys are in desperate need of haircuts and my youngest actually ate a bite out of his baby carrots. I was beyond ecstatic! What are your most guilty parenting moments and what have you learned as a result?

Reno Newborn Photographer Mommy Monday


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Rachel Brenke - i stalk your instagram 🙂

Macey Snelson - Your boys are just precious! You seem like such a good mommy 🙂

Melissa - such cuties and I agree that’s great advice!!

Shannon Klipstein - cute kids! I have a hard time balancing time as well! We do days where they get one on one attention from either me or their Dad.

Shayna Hardy - Love the date idea, I also need those with my hubby!!!!

Vince Murdock - My wife and I recently agreed to set days aside for each of the kids. Mom has a night out with our son, or our daughter, and vice versa. It means the world to our kids (and us), and it’s something we look forward to.

Love the candid pictures, too!

Audrey - That’s such a great idea to have a date day with each of your kids. So precious that he just loved having you all to himself. Hope he’s feeling better! Cute photos of them.

Katherine Weeks - awww, I am going to share this with my besty. She is not a photographer but she is about to be a mom of two and already starting to feel guilty knowing that the first one isn’t going to get the same attention as she has for the first 19 months of her life and that the second one isn’t going to get the one on one that the first one got. I think this will be a great thing for her to read.

Natalie - Love the idea of “date days.” As silly as it sounds I have to do that with my dogs because one will hog all my loving and the other won’t get much (he’s more independent), but I still set aside times for just him and I to go get ice cream or go for a run.

seniman fotografi - Nice share……

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