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Reno Newborn Photographer | Mommy Monday

Welcome to Mommy Monday, a spot for me to share with you some of my moments related to motherhood and parenting. Please note, the information provided in these posts is not to replace the sound and professional advice from your health care provider, child’s pediatrician, certified doula or your own maternal instinct.

Weekends sure do pass a bit too quickly, don’t you think? As busy as life is, I do my very best to take time and make time for my babies. They grow and change with each day and the little boys they are today are not the same as the next day. They’re a day older, or went through an experience that changed them, or figured out something new and life will never be the same as a result. It makes me terribly sad, but at the same time, I’m so proud to see them blossom each day.

In order to spend as much time with my boys as possible, I try to include my family as much as I can in everything I do. I know it’s not feasible at times for any Reno newborn photographer, but for certain tasks (i.e. location scouting) it’s perfect. My wild boys love running around as we explore new spots. Most of the time, we’re out and about and I see a spot that grabs my attention, so we explore it. Camera in hand and babies running afoot, the breeze blows through our hairs and their giggles fill the air. My oldest would love to explore further and further in the tall grass, but my youngest is done after a few clicks of the shutter and would rather be held than walk any further (just as he did for the first 19.5 months of his life). We hop back in the car and leave just about as quickly as we arrived and I get to listen to them chatter to each other about “the forest” as we head to our next stop.

I go back and flip through photos of my boys as newborns all the time. I love watching them grow, learn new things and figure out what the world is all about. When I get the opportunity to work with a client’s newborn, it reminds me all over again of my own boys and their youth, innocence and spirit. Each day is so special and filled with so many opportunities to create memories. This is what I aspire to capture in photographs for my clients and this is what I do with my own family every day. What memories did you create with your own families this weekend?

Reno Newborn Photographer | Mommy Monday

Who is Huong Forrest?

Reno Newborn Photographer

Huong Forrest Photography is the passion, vision and dream of one Reno newborn photographer, Huong Forrest. I specialize in newborn photography and have a great passion for capturing Reno's tiniest new residents. I also adore capturing the innocence of babies and children, the love and passion of a newlywed couple and their wedding and I greatly enjoy revealing the beauty, confidence and fierceness of your everyday woman.

When I'm not with my clients, you will find me running around with my two adorable sons, helping people improve their health and wellness with It Works! Global, giving back where I can in several photography forums and blogging about business, photography and motherhood.

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Rachel Brenke - gorgeous work as always! they are adorable!

Monica Grimes - Your boys are just too cute!

Kim Kravitz - Your boys are too cute! I long for te day where my wee ones will willingly be in front of my camera lol.

Huong - Thanks everyone! I think they’re SOOO adorable myself!

Nicole Suddeth - Your boys are just adorable!! What a great way to spend some quality time with them!

Tiffany - Your boys are adorable!! What a great way to spend some time with them and explore new places.

Shayna Hardy - Love that you incorporate your boys into many things you do! I am sure they love it!

Megan - It’s so great that you are able to treasure the moments in your children’s lives and be a part of them!

Kristina - oh my goodness, your boys are so cute! I love the picture of them. They look and sound like fun kids. 🙂

Macey Snelson - Your boys are so unbelievably precious! How fun to not only location scout, but have ready-made models to practice on at the same time! Beautiful image!

amanda - LOVE that photo of your boys!

Cristin Emrick - Just like a mom, every task is a multi-task!! Clearly, the kids didn’t mind!

Katherine Weeks - So glad that you are taking time treasure those little moments. Life happens so quickly.

Brian Boudreau - cute photo

Kayla Illies - That is such a wonderful idea and beautiful photo of your kids!!!! I’m glad you find the time to do such fun things with them!!!

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