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Newborn Photographer | Mommy Monday { Back to School }

Welcome to Mommy Monday, a spot for me to share with you some of my moments related to motherhood and parenting and the fine blend between family, motherhood and being a Reno newborn photographer. Please note, the information provided in these posts is not to replace the sound and professional advice from your health care provider, child’s pediatrician, certified doula or your own maternal instinct.

As everyone is prepping their kids for back to school, I’m sort of doing the same, even though my boys aren’t technically in school yet. They are in day care, but I still refer to it as school. That’s fair, yes? Today, they rotate classrooms based on how their birthday falls and their social/emotional readiness levels. My youngest will move to a new classroom with most of his peers, but my oldest will actually remain in his current classroom along with another peer as they have late birthdays and are the youngest ones in their class currently. I already worry for my boys and we are still two years away from kindergarten!

My boys have only been in day care for about 6 months. My youngest took about 4 months to adjust and I do believe he wins the award for longest adjustment duration ever, along with easiest to contract any cold/cough/coxsackie virus. He finally has built a trust relationship with his teachers and I’m so scared for him to transition to his new classroom. I’ve taken him by his new classroom every day and tell him all about it and he says, “mine?” Yes, baby, that’s your new classroom and your new teachers. SIGH. Oh, I do hope today goes well!

My oldest will remain in his classroom and even for this, I worry. Why? His buddies are all moving to the classroom next door. I know it was inevitable as most of the kids in his room have a birthday that falls before that lovely cutoff deadline and my son’s birthday isn’t until October. He’s very social and I know he won’t have a problem making new friends, but my heart feels for him as he’s been talking about moving to the new room since his friends have been talking about it, too. He was very upset when a friend moved away a couple of months ago. He still asks about Logan. It hurts my Mommy heart to explain to him how people move and such.

Is today a big back to school day for your children? How do they handle the excitement, the change, the anticipation? I’m excited to watch my boys grow and experience this new change, but at the same time, it kills me on the inside. Motherhood can be so cruel at times! I hope my boys have a great first day with new friends and new teachers. And I hope I don’t get the dreaded phone call from their day care with news that is less than happy! Here are my boys aka my amazing models!

newborn photographer reno does back to school

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Jennifer Wilcox - Love the little glimpse into your family;-)

Jessica Vaughn - Oh they are just adorable!

Heather Lickliter - Cute boys for sure!!

Jessica Higgins - Back to school is always such a mixture of emotions! I am sure they will have a great year and they are just too cute!

RastaRicanStudio - His back to school was on the 17th and that was (gulp) 2nd college.

Clarissa - Your blog is so gorgeous! I love that you took the time to get images of your kids- what a great memory to look back on!

Angela - Adorable! Love that desk!

Natalie - Your boys are too cute!! Back to school is always fun and I’m sure they’ll do great with all their new friends 🙂

Anya - Love this! My kids go back to school next week, I just wish they would allow me to actually photograph them, lol!

Dawniele Castellanos - Soon! Soon! and then YOUR schedule will revolve around their school schedule! Enjoy the flexibility 🙂

Thereasa Gwinn - They are so adorable! Look how little they are in that big desk! Don’t worry too much. You’ll have plenty of time to do that later. 😉 Enjoy them being little.

patty - your boys are super cute!

Jason - Amazing models for sure…and I love the old desk!

Kerri - I love your back to school look with that desk….cuuuutttee!!

Jennifer Batz - omg, so cute!

Maggie - Oh super cute image! I think we worry about our kiddos no matter what! Hope they both have a good year in “school”!

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