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Reno Photographer | My Guilty Pleasure { Personal }

I’m taking a slight detour from my normal topics as a Reno photographer to just write today. I’m thinking about guilty pleasures and how I’ve NOT indulged much lately due to a crazy calendar (that I love of course). I have several guilty pleasures and most of them revolve around food (no big surprise there if you know me and follow my antics) and a few TV shows.

I eat every 2 – 3 hours. There, I said it. This is something I have in common with my newborn photography clients and I kid all the time about this common denominator. I’m grateful I’ve been too busy to indulge much lately, as some of these guilty pleasure items are on the bottom of the health list and are items I should not eat while working late at night! Such as? Well, such as fried chicken, those small powdered donuts, Oreo cookies and cheese in excess. I don’t even know where I picked up these habits to begin with as my parents cooked every meal for us when we were kids. And fantastic Vietnamese food at that, too!

The worse combination would be these guilty pleasure food items combined with a few of my favorite TV shows. Oh, if y’all could see the glamorous Huong now! I’m smirking here as I get the visual in my head of lying in bed in the wee hours of the night after I’ve been editing for hours and enjoying powdered donuts and cheese. Wow, what a combination! I do have some shows that I just absolutely love and watch (even if eventually, once my DVR threatens it is at capacity). Some of my favorite shows are True Blood, Dexter, Law & Order SVU, Fringe and So You Think You Can Dance. Okay, okay, fine. I also really enjoy Kendra, The Girls Next Door, The Kardashians (and every spin off show they’ve created) and Kimora. Are you laughing at me yet?! I have this strange combination of the need for sci-fi/fantasy/detective/analytical/dance/celebrity hot messes. Except, I really only watch maybe an hour of TV a week anymore. I’ll turn on the TV as I sink into bed and if the DVR doesn’t have one of my regular shows recorded, I’ll turn on E! to see what hot mess of a show I can catch for a few minutes.

Please tell me I’m not alone in my weaknesses! Do you have a guilty pleasure? I love hearing about others’ guilty pleasures and learning it might be similar to mine, too. My friend and fellow photographer Karen Cooley wrote about her guilty pleasure as well and you just have to read about it! I attempted to document some of my guilty pleasures and I’ll have you know how difficult this was to let it sit in the car untouched the entire way home. Mmmmm!


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Ally Davis - Omg! yum! how delicious!!!! Great shots!

Tara Colburn - AH! A girl after my own heart! Just ate at a Southern soul food kitchen and had THE BEST fried chicken ever!

This is my guilty pleasure… | ChrisCross Photography - […] and blogger friend, Huong Forrest’s, guilty pleasure is? Head on over and check her Guilty Pleasure post out! What is YOUR favourite flavour jellybean? Thanks for looking! Chat […]

Jessica - Yum, fried chicken is so good and such a guilty pleasure! Mine is salted carmel anything 😛

Brian - I have been doing my best to eat healthy but night time in front of the tv is the worst. popcorn is the usual snack

Sylvia - food guilty pleasures are too numerous to list:)
And TV, I have pretty much given up on ever since Lost ended!

Christine - It is so good that you indulge once in a while – absolutely nothing wrong with pampering yourself!

Angela - Love the personal side! Looks yummy 🙂

Jama - Too many to count…but to name a few anything sweet,ice cream, oreos,chocolate. You’re not alone!

Clarissa - What a great blog post!! I have those moments where I’ve just completed something big at work, and all I can do is lay there and eat. haha! I completely understand ya!

Karen Cooley - Ohhhh, fried chicken. YUM. That could have been on my list, too, though I rarely have it. 🙂

Katherine Weeks - You know I really can’t think of anything better than fried chicken and my guilty pleasure show Jerseylicious. It’s cool to take a break and indulge sometimes. Enjoy

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