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My oldest celebrated turning 4 very recently. I can’t believe I have a 4-year old. How is that possible? This was the first year I was able to somewhat include him in the planning of his party. He’s obsessed with fire engines, so the theme was a no-brainer, but he helped with the invite list, picked out his cake and the location of his party. I think he did a really great job!

We went over the invite list many times, as I was afraid of inviting too many people, but at the same time, I didn’t want him to be disappointed if we didn’t invite some of his buddies from preschool. After asking about the invite list several times, one of his last responses taught me to just shut up. He told me “We already talked about this, Mom!” Okay, son, okay! I just wanted to confirm and make sure you didn’t have a change of heart! Oh, my sweet boy!

We held the party at Jump ‘n Shout in northwest Reno and his buddies played, jumped and let out a lot of energy. They were served pizza, juice, veggies, fruit and a nice piece of the fire engine cake. His cake was so amazing! A friend created it just for Brady and my boys were simply in awe with the cake. It was almost too amazing to eat, but we did after we sang Happy Birthday and he blew his candles out like an expert!

He loved his party and he loved his day. I think my least favorite part about it was he and his brother fighting over the new toys. We now have 8,254,235 fire engines in our home and they still fight over the same ONE fire engine. Isn’t that so amazing? I’m also amazed at how he so proudly tells everyone he’s “four” now and is already talking about when he turns five. No baby, not yet. Let me enjoy my babies as babies for as long as possible!

Do you have special birthday events or traditions in your family? What are they? I have an idea brewing in my head and I think the age of five would be perfect to kick it off, but I’m not ready to share quite yet! Now, to plan for my youngest child’s THIRD birthday in a couple of short months. Agh! My babies keep growing up, but I’m grateful that as a Reno photographer, I’m able to freeze time and forever treasure all of these moments in photographs.


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Monica - What an AWESOME cake, he did a great job. It goes by way to fast doesn’t it?

Macey - So cute! Your little guys are simply adorable!

Kim Kravitz - Aw! Happy birthday to your little guy!! Looks like he had a fun birthday party. 🙂

Christine - Wow, that cake is awesome!! We don’t have any birthday traditions – yet 🙂 my baby’s turning 2 in a couple of weeks and I’ve been having fun planning her party!

Angela Ramsey - Happy Birthday to your son!! I agree they grow up so fast and I love planning parties for them.

Elly - Looks like so much fun!

Lori - That looks like such a fun party! I am in the midst of planning my 18 year old’s party and I can’t help but miss the 5 year old party days.

Natalie - That IS the coolest cake ever! The only birthday tradition we have, is we trick my step mom into going to a restaurant that sings on your birthday and she gets all embarrassed lol.

Perth Newborn Photographer - How fun is that first photo! Love it and Happy Birthday little man!

Thereasa - I really loook forward to your Mommy Monday! Happy Birthday, Little Man!

patty - What a fun birthday!!!

Jaimie Daniels - I love having lots of traditions and fun things in the family. We don’t really have a lot of birthday traditions, but I am starting some, like putting streamers over their door on the morning of their birthday. Zoe was talking about her 6th birthday before her 5th birthday even happened! I want her to stay little a while longer. It all goes too fast!

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