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No, you didn’t accidentally click on a DIY Network link today. Your Reno photographer is tackling a task that is quite large and I can’t believe it’s finally happening! We moved into our new home in February of this year and aside for portraits on the walls, it still feels quite barren. One day, I’ll feel strong enough to share the journey it took to get into our home, but for now, I’ll share our new project we’re hoping to kick off really soon.

All my walls are currently white. That’s a lot of white walls and as much as I wish we could have had everything painted before we moved into our home, it just was not feasible. However, after eight months, I’m finally tired of white walls and want some color in my life. I poked through our garage and found the paint samples I picked up about 7 months ago and loaded my boys up in the car to pick up a few new samples as well.

The boys picked out colors for their accent walls in their rooms and I picked up a few more taupes, reds and greens for the rest of the house. I want a warm, but not too rich feel, but I’m not sure how to achieve that. We slapped the sample colors on the wall next to each other to get a better idea than just the tiny swatch on a piece of paper and…still uncertain. Now I need to go read up on color psychology, too, apparently. Red is one of my most favorite colors and I’m leaning towards a shade of red for the kitchen walls, but I am getting some feedback that makes me a bit wary about painting it red. Something about it’s an “anxious” color…that almost describes me just right! My previous kitchen was a burgundy though, so we’ll see.

So it begins! My first big DIY project will unfold and I’ll keep you updated on this as we make the progression to painting our home. YIKES! And I just want to put out there that I am NOT a DIY sort of gal. I may have a ton of DIY ideas pinned on Pinterest, but that’s all they are at this time–just pins! Are you a DIYer? What’s been your favorite project? My fellow photographer and friend in South Africa is tackling her own DIY project, too! Click here to head over to Christine’s blog!


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Monica - Congratulations on the new home! Have fun making it yours and I think it is so great you are letting the boys help 🙂

Sarah - Oh girl! I’m not a DIYer either! Good luck on your project!

Lori - Having a husband in the military I’ve had to move a few times and painting before you move in is definitely best, but like you, not always possible! I love to paint and am the wall painter in the family, just hate cleaning up afterwards! We are big DIYers and I’d have to say our favorite DIY was when we redid the kitchen. I was mostly the tool carrier, grabber and cabinet holder assistant, but it was fun.

Maggie - Congrats on your new home and have fun with all your projects. I love being able to put my own touches on our home. Good luck!

Sylvia - Painting the whole house is quite the undertaking, good luck!

Anya Wait - Painting!!! I have an addiction to paint colors and painting. I swear one year I painted our dining room three separate times just to get the color right, lol! Enjoy! I can’t wait to see images of the results.

Christine - Oooooh, I cannot wait to see how this progresses!! I prefer cream/neutral tones myself, mixed with some scarlett and it’s a winner!!

Katherine Weeks - Good luck with all of that painting…been there done that

Melissa Jean - Oooo, love it! I can’t wait until I can paint my walls! =)

Ally Davis - That’s so cute your kiddos picked out their own colors!! I’m sure it will look great when you are all finished!

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