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Reno Photographer | Mommy Monday { My Favorite Moment }

Welcome to Mommy Monday, a spot for me to share with you some of my moments related to motherhood and parenting and the fine blend between family, motherhood and being a Reno photographer. Please note, the information provided in these posts is not to replace the sound and professional advice from your health care provider, child’s pediatrician, certified doula or your own maternal instinct.

Someone asked me recently to share my best mommy moment of the day. That’s today’s inspiration for my blog post, but really? I have to narrow it down to just one BEST moment of each day?! I don’t know that I am able to do so, nor want to. My boys grow, change, discover something new just about every minute of every day and the time I do get to spend actively engaged with them is all the best, in my opinion. Wouldn’t you say so?! Okay, you’re right, the meltdowns and tantrums aren’t the best moments, but they still provide a teensy bit of comic relief. Just a tad. And maybe well after the fact.

I don’t know about you, but my iPhone doesn’t stray too far from my side on most days, therefore just about every moment gets documented. This may seem a bit excessive, but I have almost no photographs of myself in my really young years, so maybe I’m subconsciously making up for that, but I genuinely want my boys to be able to flip back to photographs during specific times in their life and be able to have it right there. That is my preface for all the iPhone photos in today’s blog post, but moments happen and I grab the camera closest to me!

When I flip through my own camera roll on my phone each day, I tend to love the moments when they’re imitating something they observe me doing. I caught my youngest with my hair dryer pretending to dry his hair (or lack of hair). What I wasn’t able to capture, because he screamed for help, was the moment when he attempted to hold the hair dryer in one hand and the round brush in the other and both were almost atop his head just as I do when I’m attempting to add volume to my hair. He is definitely my mini me.


I also love the moments when they’re being sweet to each other. Nowadays, all I hear are either giggles/laughter, or “Mommy, Derek hit me!!” or “Na bad!!!” followed by big ol’ alligator tears. Every so often though, I catch them being so good and helpful to each other and I know all is well in the world. My youngest is very mischievous and I think he leads on about needing more help from me than he really needs. I told him one morning he needed to brush his own teeth and he immediately threw a tantrum. In came big brother Brady to the rescue and this is what I caught. Precious moment!


But I think my best moments of the day falls around bedtime and then once they’re asleep and I’m making the rounds before I head to sleep myself. I don’t know what it is, but my boys are so amped after their baths! They run up and down the hallway, yelling and screaming and giggling all the way. It takes a LOT to get their pajamas on them and for them to calm down so we can read a few books. As much as it may drive me bonkers on some nights, I sure do enjoy the pure joy that is exuded in this chaotic nighttime shenanigans of theirs. I try so hard not to laugh and egg them on, but I can’t help it at all. They are children and children (well, mine at least) should be crazy and loud and filled with giggles and scream “butt!!!” at the top of their lungs (all at appropriate times, of course). Their behavior tells me they’re happy and spirited. This is all I need as a mother. And when I tuck them in after reading a gazillion books and each boy of mine pulls me close to give me “snuzzles” (the term I’ve always used for rubbing noses), hugs and to tell me, “Mommy, I love you soooooo much!”, it’s all I need and all I need to know.


And in the wee hours, long after I’ve tucked my boys in, when I’m finally done working for the night, I make my rounds. I check on my babies to make sure they’re okay and my heart melts as I watch them sleep so peacefully. It’s the way it should be after a long day of playing and activity. Here is my youngest on my round last night. I say little prayers for my family and those around me each night. I didn’t know he was catching on to that already, too! What are your favorite moments with your children?


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Jessica Washburn - So cute!

Angela - Awww, what sweet moments captured!

Monica - wow, I’ve tried to narrow it down to just one favorite moment with my son and I can’t! I love snuggles in the morning, chasing him around the house and bedtime stories at night….and all the other moments in between those times too.

Natalie - I loved this post and I’d love to see more of them! Not having a child yet I love reading about other peoples kids and hearing their stories. It’s always neat to see how their kids reflect who they are. They sound like typical boys, especially running around screaming “butt!” I would laugh too!

Sarah Sunstrom - Wow, Huong, these moments you are writing down will forever be treasured. I really need to write more about my experience with my daughter. 🙂

Macey - Such great moments! I love these!

Jennifer James - these are just so sweet! Your kids are adorable!: )

Christine - You are probably going to get sick of me saying this, but your kids ARE SO DARN ADORABLE!! I love it when you post about them, and I specifically love Mommy Mondays!

Danielle Dutta - Awe, what cute kids you have Huong!

Danyel Rogers - So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Audrey - It looks like the dynamics between the two of them are so cute! Can’t wait to be a mommy someday 🙂

Donna Beck - What a great post, thank you for sharing. Kids are awesome!

David G - This is completely why God made kids cute . . . so you don’t hurt them during the times they’re not. They’re only this age once . . enjoy!

Kristina - Aww, cute kids.

Melissa Jean - So cute! I love when kids imitate adults. It’s so adorable

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