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It’s definitely fall in Reno now. Actually, I think it might have quickly blown through and left your Reno photographer well into winter! You never know what the weather will do in Reno! I’ve been patiently waiting and watching the leaves, the area parks, paths and trails just waiting to catch a glimmer of some fabulous fall foliage and what do you know? Mother Nature decides to send winter through with ripping cold winds and a snow storm. The Sierras were hit and got a little bit of snow and some areas of “the valley” got a dusting as well. All I could think to myself was, “please wind, leave some of the leaves intact, oh pretty please!” Isn’t that sad of me to think?

One of my most favorite parts about fall weather is the incredibly gorgeous colors it brings with it. I literally will drive to the spots I have in mind on an almost daily basis, with my boys and my camera in tow, ready to pop them out of the car and into a pile of gorgeous leaves. I hope I still get to do so in the next few days and that the wintry weather we’re currently experiencing doesn’t kill fall for me. It’s images like this one below that just make me adore fall weather! This makes my fall family photography sessions so much more fun than they already are. Who doesn’t love the colors fall weather brings with it?! You probably don’t want me to keep going on about the weather here in Reno, so head over to my friend Karen Cooley’s blog and see what she has to say about Pennsylvania’s weather!


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When I'm not with my clients, you will find me running around with my two adorable sons, helping people improve their health and wellness with It Works! Global, giving back where I can in several photography forums and blogging about business, photography and motherhood.

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Cristin Emrick - Having grown up in New York, I always look forward to seeing fall colors here in VA. It reminds me of home!

Jennifer Wilcox - Love it. I love that is still so crisp even with the motion. Great portrait!

Ally Davis - LOVE the images with this post!! I love fall too!

Kelly Gentz - Beautiful! I love the ever changing colors of fall.

Angela - Yay, love all the fall colors!

Christine - I love seeing children playing in leaves – it’s such a vital part of childhood!!

Anya Wait - LOL! He loves fall as much as I do!

Sylvia - Our issue up here in Seattle is as soon as the leaves get gorgeous, the rain and wind starts then it’s all on the ground…soaking wet….yuck! Not much of a window of opportunity.

Rebecca - So fun! Wish we had fall leaves here to play in!

Karen Cooley - Sure hope you get those fall images, Huong!! And I agree with Tara – I would have thought the same thing!

David G - Fun! I love fall . . . the colors, the smell, the crispness in the air . . . my favorite time of year!

Donna Beck - Such a great moment to capture, love the fall colors too!

Amanda Lipsey - I love this shot. The amazement in kids eyes when they get to play in the leaves never gets old to me. I am praying for the fall to hold on just a bit longer here in michigan. So far i am losing that battle lol.

Laura - I love the fall pictures, i’m hoping for you and me that the winter weather stays off just a bit longer. I love seeing all the pretty colors, and enjoying the kids playing in the leaves. Great image!!

beverly williams - Adorable image! Love the colors and his expression!

Tara Colburn - Oh , I would’ve been begging the same thing, “Please, wind, please leave the leaves on the trees!”
SO…are there still leaves on the trees?!

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