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Reno Baby Photographer | Managing It All { My Story }

Welcome to my feature column! I’m so glad you’re here today. Come back and visit often as I’ll write about “my story” twice a month for you. Come along and see how it all came together, how I dived into becoming a Reno Baby Photographer and now offer professional photography services for newborn photography, senior photography and wedding photography. Watch Huong Forrest Photography unfold before you as I work to capture all the moments from birth to “I do”.

Someone recently asked me to share how I run and operate a business and still manage to spend time with my family, so I thought that would be a great topic for my business sharing Monday here. Truth is, I don’t know how I manage my family, my business, my job and life in general. More often than not, I feel guilty for the hours I put into everything I’m doing and wondering if what I did with my boys today was quality enough. Doesn’t every parent feel that way though, ultimately?

Here’s what a day in my life looks like…let’s say a weekday:

  • 6am Rise, get ready for work, wrangle my boys and feed them breakfast
  • 8am – 5pm Work day (I will also usually squeeze in errands, deliveries, etc on my break during the work day)
  • 5:30pm Pick up boys from day care, make dinner, play with my munchkins, pack lunches, clean up the kitchen, baths, more horsing around with my munchkins, books and bedtime (if I have a client consultation, a session, or an ordering session during the week, it is generally on an evening when my other half is not working)
  • 9pm Work on my business (culling, editing, blogging, bookkeeping, paperwork, marketing, emails, prepare print orders, etc.)
  • 12am I attempt to wrap up all business, studying/listening to workshops so I can be in bed around midnight (which I consider a reasonable hour)
Here’s what a day in my life looks like…let’s say this coming weekend:
  • Saturday
  • 6am Rise, get ready for the day’s sessions/events
  • 8am Quality time with my family doing whatever they feel like doing
  • 12pm to Midnight Second shoot a wedding
  • 12am Home to download/back up images from the wedding and begin the import process; re-pack bags for following day
  • Sunday
  • 6am Rise, get ready for the day’s sessions/events
  • 8am Senior session
  • 2pm Engagement session
  • Home to my boys and as quality of time as I can give them before we begin our evening/night time routine
  • 9pm Work on my business (download/back up/import images from the day’s sessions, culling, editing, blogging, bookkeeping, paperwork, marketing, emails, prepare print orders, etc.)

Doesn’t that look a bit insane and crazed to you? Yes, it does to me as well. This is why the time I actually spend with my family is uninterrupted and I must be present to them. I know we live in an age of instant communication, but those boys of mine and their childhood and innocence will be gone in no time. With that being said, my family and I knew the decision we made to have our own business would not come easily and there would be sacrifices along the way. Some of these sacrifices currently are nights and weekends completely free to do whatever we please, sleeping in, nights to do nothing without feeling guilty, etc.

You may have originally thought, “wow, how does she manage it all?” and now you’re thinking, “wow, she’s insane!”. Yes, I certainly am insane and I wouldn’t call what I’m doing “managing”, but more so “flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” (with major organizational skills). I still strive to find balance every single day in life. It’s vital not only in my personal life, but also in my business because I AM my business. If I don’t have balance in my personal life, you better believe that balance will not magically come from my business alone. Thank you to my other half for being with someone who never sits still and thank you to my two boys for their unconditional love of their mother who is so far from perfect. And thank you to my amazing clients who are helping me to make my visions a reality. Life may seem insane, but I’m not sure your Reno photographer would have it any other way…all right, maybe once a month I’d like a really nice and quiet weekend where I can sleep in and not do a whole lot!

How about you? How is your work life balance and harmony? Do you feel you need to take a step back sometimes? Tamara Lackey sure help me see things very differently after I watched her Work. Life. Balance. course on creativeLIVE this summer! And, what’s a blog post without images? Here are a few snapshots of my life when I do get time (during daylight hours) to spend with my family. Thank you Instagram for my life in photos.


Who is Huong Forrest?

Reno Newborn Photographer

Huong Forrest Photography is the passion, vision and dream of one Reno newborn photographer, Huong Forrest. I specialize in newborn photography and have a great passion for capturing Reno's tiniest new residents. I also adore capturing the innocence of babies and children, the love and passion of a newlywed couple and their wedding and I greatly enjoy revealing the beauty, confidence and fierceness of your everyday woman.

When I'm not with my clients, you will find me running around with my two adorable sons, helping people improve their health and wellness with It Works! Global, giving back where I can in several photography forums and blogging about business, photography and motherhood.

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