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Reno Photographer | Macro Fun

Reno Photographer | Macro Fun

It’s been a whirlwind around here for your Reno photographer, but I’m not sure I’d want it any differently! I had beautiful intentions of sharing some fun new macro work with you all today, but instead, I’m relying on some fabulous ring macro shots from a few Reno weddings this summer. I’m not going to lie…when I first got my macro lens (the Canon 100mm 2.8L), I photographed my rings (okay and my son’s eyeball, but that’s just odd). It’s the natural thing it seems like (the rings, not my son’s eyeball). Well, fast forward to this summer and the weddings and engagements where the ring was featured and it sure made me glad I got some practice in ahead of time with my own rings! Here are a few fun ring shots using my macro lens. It’s amazing how close one can get! And especially when one is a Reno newborn photographer, capturing details like that head of hair below, is so important!

Want to see more macro goodness? Head far, far away to South Africa, where my friend Christine has also blogged about some macro fun today!



Reno Photographer | Macro Fun

Who is Huong Forrest?

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Huong Forrest Photography is the passion, vision and dream of one Reno newborn photographer, Huong Forrest. I specialize in newborn photography and have a great passion for capturing Reno's tiniest new residents. I also adore capturing the innocence of babies and children, the love and passion of a newlywed couple and their wedding and I greatly enjoy revealing the beauty, confidence and fierceness of your everyday woman.

When I'm not with my clients, you will find me running around with my two adorable sons, helping people improve their health and wellness with It Works! Global, giving back where I can in several photography forums and blogging about business, photography and motherhood.

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David G - Love the ring shots . . . very cool!

Melissa Berg - Awesome Huong!! I love macro!

Jennifer Batz - I LOVE these detailed shots – the rings on the little clothes pins is such a cool shot and unique!

Tina Beckett - Beautiful detail shots!

Christine - LOVE that second shot!! I used that lens last week too and LOVED it!! You seriously made me giggle about your son’s eyeball, only because I took a photo of my daughter’s eyeball when I was playing with the lens! (okay, okay, and my husbands. And my dog’s.)

Jama - These are stunning!! The second ring shot is to die for!! WOW!

Brian - beautiful shots. love the dof on the cloths line

Karen Cooley - Between you & Christine, I need that lens!!! Love these images!

Tara Colburn - Beautiful shots, Huong! Love that mini clothes-line image.
P.S. You made me smile when you talked about practicing with your rings, I almost shot my ring for this project! 😉

Ally Davis - These are beautiful!! I LOVE the first one with the grapes!

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