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Reno Photographer | Mommy Monday { Guest Post }

Reno Photographer | Mommy Monday { Guest Post }

Welcome to Mommy Monday, a spot for me to share with you some of my moments related to motherhood and parenting and the fine blend between family, motherhood and being a Reno photographer. Please note, the information provided in these posts is not to replace the sound and professional advice from your health care provider, child’s pediatrician, certified doula or your own maternal instinct.

I am so blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by quite an incredible group of photographers from around the globe. I follow their work, read their blog and if time allows, even get to interact with them somewhat regularly! My friend Dorie from Dorie Howell Photography, in Vienna, VA, recently wrote an article that just struck me. Today, I’m sharing this with my readers and especially my mommy readers.

Guest Blog Post from Dorie Howell Photography:

I have always found it ironic that we teach our children not to talk to strangers but, when a stranger says hello to them in the grocery store or someone unknown tries to interact with them, we force them to respond.  That has never made sense to me.  I don’t want my daughter to be rude but I also don’t feel the need for her to talk and be friendly to everyone she meets because she feels obligated to do so.  I apologize in advance if you meet us in a store or out in public and you try to make conversation with her and she doesn’t respond, or turns away.  Don’t be offended when I don’t automatically turn to her and make her interact with you.  It isn’t personal.   I just am trying my best not to send her mixed messages about interacting with people we don’t know.  I will be happy to talk with you and once we are best of  friends, then she will probably become your new friend too.

I say all this to introduce you to Pattie Fitzgerald.  Pattie is the founder of Safely Ever After, Inc.  Check out her website.   Safely Ever After is a program that teaches Innovative, Non-Fearful Safety Programs for Parents & Kids… She has some great resources and ideas on her website and also a book called “No Trespassing – This Is MY Body!” For ages 3-8 and available on  Check it out!

What caught my eye on Pattie’s website were her Super Ten, Play-It-Safe rules for Kids and Grown-ups.  Several of them really resonated with me and I have started using the ideas in this list of rules as I continue to teach my daughter about safety around strangers.


Here is the list of some GREAT ideas for our kids.


2.  I know my NAME, ADDRESS, & PHONE NUMBER, and my parent’s names too (Don’t forget: children need to know their parent’s cell phone numbers too!)

3.  Safe Grownups Don’t Ask Kids for Help!  (The ask other grownups if they need assistance).

4.  I never go ANYWHERE or take ANYTHING from someone I don’t know.

5.  I must ALWAYS “CHECK FIRST”  with my safe grownup for permission:  before I go anywhere, change my plans or get into a car – even if its with someone I know.  If I can’t check first, then the answer is “NO”!

6.  Everyone’s bathing suit areas are PRIVATE

7.  I don’t have to be POLITE, if someone makes me feel scared or uncomfortable. It’s okay to say NO… even to a grownup, if I have to.

8.  I don’t keep SECRETS… especially if they make me feel scared or uneasy. (No adult should tell a child to keep a secret)

9.  If I ever get LOST in a public place, I can FREEZE & YELL or go to a Mom with Kids and ask for help.

10.  I will always pay attention to my Special Inner Voice, especially if I get an “uh-oh” feeling.

Copyright © 2008 – Safely Ever After, Inc. All rights reserved. 
May not be reproduced, transmitted, or utilized in any form without prior written permission from Safely Ever After, Inc.  Dorie Howell has written permission to post this information.


Some of those rules are common sense to us but a few really made me think.  Especially numbers 3, 5 and 9. Grown-ups don’t ask children for help, Moms with kids are probably very good people to search for when lost and it is OK for my daughter to say NO to a stranger.

I hope that these rules help you communicate safety to your child.   Let’s keep our children safe.

And because no post is complete without a picture.  This has been a big week.  As you can see, someone lost her first tooth.  Not sure this momma is ready for this yet.  Slow down sweet girl.

What do you think of these rules?  What other things are you do going to help teach your children to be safe?  I would love to hear from you.

Thank you, Dorie! If you’d like to head over to Dorie’s original blog post, you can do so here! Please say hello to her and thank her for sharing this great information!

Reno Photographer | Mommy Monday { Guest Post }

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Christine - Number 9 seriously resonated with me – it’s something I am DEFINITELY going to teach my child, along with the rest. Thank you SO much for posting this!!

Angela Ramsey - These are great rules! As a mother of 4 children this really helps me help them make the right choices.

Ally D - These are great tips! If I was going to have kids, I would definitely have to write these down.

Jason - Some great tips here..nice share.

Tina Beckett - Great post! I’ll have to look into some of those books!

David G - Great reminders and advice for kids of all ages.

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