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Reno Photographer | What’s In My Bag?

Reno Photographer | What’s In My Bag?

What’s in my bag? And I don’t mean camera bag…I mean purse. Well, I actually just recently cleaned out my purse (Transformers toys, crumbled Cheez-Its, receipts galore, 18 lip glosses) and I probably should’ve left it alone, but I didn’t think about blogging when I was clearing the contents of said purse. Today’s random Tuesday blog post with my photographer friends hones in on “what’s in my bag?” and since I conduct business from my bag, who knows what’s in there! Well, below is a visual, but I’ll further elaborate on a few items that may not be as evident.

In the first photo in the top left, it’s pretty basic stuff: business cards, gum, watch, generic Aleve, a slew of writing utensils, nail file, lip gloss, empty CF card holder, mini Moo cards holder, floss, Jawbone Icon bluetooth headset, Square card reader, emergency iPhone battery charger and handy dandy blingy purse holder. Those are all pretty self-explanatory, yes? Good.

If we are to move in clockwise motion to the next image, you see my overflowing wallet. Yes, it’s overflowing with receipts that desperately need to be scanned into my NeatDesk and recycled.

The image below the wallet happens to be my beloved and personalized Gallery Leather planner. I live by the book, so to speak.

The image below my planner shows two packs of tissues. If you know me, you know I sneeze like no other person you’ve ever met. I may be small, but when I sneeze, you may want to brace yourself. What’s that saying? Small, but mighty? Yes, I have a mighty sneeze!

The image next to that shows the It Works! Global Ultimate Body Applicator and my blitz cards. I never leave home without these nowadays as I never know who I might run into and I may be able to help them tighten, tone and firm their body in 45 minutes. I’m almost surprised I don’t have my roll of saran wrap in my purse, but it’s in my car. “What?” you ask? If you’ve not heard of this “crazy wrap thing”, you may want to check out the before/after images and testimonials for yourself on my Try My Wraps Facebook page. I was a skeptic until I tried them for myself and now, I believe! Yes, my own before/after results are on my Facebook page!

The last image shows a bottle of Fat Fighters, also from It Works! Global. These NEVER leave my purse. They’re a supplement I take after heavy meals to help block about 30% of the carbs and bad fats from my sometimes poor food choices (ahem, fried chicken). I never leave home without them! If you’re curious and want more info on any of these supplements, or the crazy wrap thing I mentioned, visit this website for all the details!

And that concludes the contents of what’s in my bag! I know, nothing too insanely bizarre other than those wraps and fat fighters, right? I know, I know, maybe a bit bizarre, but to each his own. What’s in YOUR bag? What’s the most odd ball item in your bag? My fellow photographer friend Tara also indulges us with what’s in her bag today, so be sure to head over to her blog to see what she’s got in her bag!


Reno Photographer | What’s In My Bag?

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Christine - Thanks for sharing what’s in your bag – mine had some pretty random items too (like a bar of soap – what?!)

Ally D - You keep so much in your purse! I love how organized you are!

Angela Douglas Ramsey - LOL. Love this post. I am cleaning out my purse today and it looks very similar to yours.

melissa - I am inspired to check out my bag. I bet I find some cheese its as well =) and probably some legos or something little hands stuck in there

ALM Photo - It always seems like too much until you clean it out and realize the item you need just got cleaned out.

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