Reno Photographer | Three Random Things

Reno Photographer | Three Random Things

I’m desperately attempting to catch up on my blog and from this day forward, you will see vast improvements and more regular blog posts as I had, once upon a time! My friends and I are blogging again today and we’re chatting about three random things/factoids. Normally, this would seem easy, right? Except I over-think it all and then it’s not so easy anymore. After lots of thought about this topic, I decided to share three random things that are more recent in life and business. If we’re connected on Instagram, Twitter, or my personal Facebook profile, then you may have caught on to these random things, but if not, then it’s new (and random) to you. Here we go.

1. On July 15, I hosted my friend and fellow newborn photographer, Meshelle Photography, for a newborn workshop that just left my artistic soul wanting more. Those of you who know me, know that newborn photography is my passion and has always been since the beginning of time. Hosting Meshelle was one of the greatest things I could do to help me fine tune my posing of newborn babies. Also, the day after my workshop, I made a HUGE leap of faith as I announced I would leave the corporate world and retire from a traditional 8-5 job! (Okay, so that was kind of TWO random things rolled into one, but hang with me for a bit!)


2. On July 30, I promoted to a Triple Diamond Executive with It Works! Global. I’m very much an entrepreneur, so when I see opportunity, I attack it like a bull with a red target. I know many of you thought I was crazy to add yet something else to my already full plate, but I couldn’t pass on this opportunity. What I’ve been able to free my family of these past several months has been worth all the hard work and sleepless nights while juggling a day job, my boutique photography business and a network marketing business. I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished and what we’re continuing to do with this business opportunity.


3. On August 9, I brought my babies home from day care. I am truly a work at home mom now and have the freedom to plan my shooting schedule around my family’s schedule. I’m no longer tied down to booking sessions only on the weekends or week nights! The beauty of having my babies home is I will also get an entire year before my oldest starts kindergarten, a year of just 1-on-1 time with my youngest when my oldest does start kindergarten and we’re free to play, work, vacation, take off, rest and do as we please when we want. I have always wanted to raise my own children and I finally have the chance to do so, while still fulfilling my business dreams and passions in life!


And that sums up my three (okay, three and a half) random things I wanted to blog about today. I’m happy as a clam and feel so blessed and extremely grateful for all the successes in life. These successes would not be possible without my amazing family who have helped build my businesses (very much so behind the scenes!!), wonderful clients who invest in me to capture their most precious moments, fans who appreciate my work and fellow photographers who lift up our industry. I actually have more fun things/factoids to share and announce (hopefully soon), but I’ll hold off until they’re a bit more concrete. Stay tuned to Huong Forrest Photography as there are some fun, exciting and wonderful things to announce and share in the near future!

Now, head on over to my friend and Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer’s blog to read about her three random things!

Reno Photographer | Three Random Things

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Christine - Wow, the last couple of months have been HUGE for you! Congrats, and keep it up – you are like superwoman! <3

Elly - What a great post, congratulations!

Kristy - Congratulations for all of your your success!

Tara - Congratulations, Huong! What an amazing year you’ve had! So proud of you!

Cindy - Congratulations on all you have accomplished and the direction you are headed!

Katie Landers - I love this blog post. It is nice to see how and what you are doing. My kids just started school too and it is nice to have my time for business stuff without little monsters in my ear 🙂

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